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Above Average Quality, Good Value For Money

Espier Estate began its venture in a country town in Australia, and from the very beginning the mission was to make wines of above average quality, good value for money that everyone can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Rather than presenting pages of taste notes and chemical guff, our philosophy is to provide our customer wines that are easy to drink and affordable.

Our main vineyard is located in NSW, 600 KM from Sydney, which has a long tradition for winemaking dating back to 1913 and is well known for producing world class high quality wines. Besides that we also have steady source from Barossa, Coonawarra, Heathcote and Central Victoria for our premium reserve wines.

We believe that our adventure just begins. Every vintage represents a new chapter –we hope that you will join us and keep drinking to find out more in the journey.

The winemaking philosophy behind our wines has evolved over time with each vintage being finely tuned to deliver the highest quality wines to our customers. We use the latest technology, modern equipment and innovation to make our wines but also respect that traditional winemaking techniques are an important part of crafting premium wines.

Our story

We make wine with a thought of our customers, therefore the team...

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